The product builder will lead you through the steps to create a membership. 

Between each of step you can click on "Continue" in the bottom right corner or click along the Product Builder tabs along the top.

  1. Click on " Products" in the left menu bar. 

 2. Click on " Create Product".

3. Next, enter a name for your product.

4. Choose your " Product Type". Membership will give your students instant access to all content immediately after purchase.

("Course" allows you to schedule and organize your content into lessons and "Event Only" is for products that will only use live-streaming or in-person events (no videos, audios or documents). For a detailed description of these product types see this document.)

5. Complete the "Product Details" which include a product cover photo, a description, and you can choose to add a free sample (this will be visible to students who are not logged in and are looking at your "Shop" page.

6. Click on " Pricing" and choose how you want to price your product. You have the following choices:

  • Fixed price (one time fee)

  • Recurring (annual, monthly, weekly or daily)

  • Day Pass (gives 24 hours access to the membership)

FIXED PRICE: For a fixed price (or one-time purchase), simply enter the price. The student will be charged one time at the price you set.

RECURRING: For a recurring priced product, click on RECURRING and select daily, weekly, month or annual and the amount you want to charge.

MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you'd like to offer your student a few payment options, click on MULTIPLE and complete the fields. At check-out, your student will be able to select the payment option that best suits them.

SINGLE DAY ACCESS PASS: If you'd like to offer a 24 hour access to your membership, click on DAY PASS and set your rate. The student will have full access to all content (on-demand videos and live-streams that are scheduled within that 24 hour window) in the membership when they purchase a day pass. After the 24 hours, they will not be able to access any content they can purchase a subscription or another day pass to your membership.

Please note it is not possible to create a coupon for the Single Day Access Pass.

7. The " Content" section will allow you to add the media content to the product.

  • Click on the + Media button, which will open your media library.

  • Hover over the desired file and click. When selected, the file will have a green border.

  • Click on SAVE in the bottom right corner when all the media you want to add has been selected.

8. PRODUCT SCHEDULE: To determine the amount of access to your product, choose between "Evergreen" or a "Fixed Start + End Date".

 If you choose "Evergreen", your product remains in your shop for purchase and there is no start or end date (because it's always available for purchase)

Fixed Start + End Date

If you want your product to start and end on a specific day, simply click on "Fixed Start + End Date" and choose the desired dates. The student will not be able to access the content in the product until your chosen start date.

9. You can schedule live-stream events in your membership. Please see this document to learn about live-streaming.

10. Once your ready to show this product in your "Shop" page, hit the " Publish" button. If you are not ready, your product will be saved as a draft.

After hitting the "Publish Now" button you will see the screen below. Once published, the product will default to "hidden" (see explanation below). Un-click the "Make product visible in shop" so that it says "Product is Published"

Hidden is when a product is available to purchase to those who have the link. It does not show in your public "Shop" page. It is most often used for private clients. Read more about Hidden products here.

10. If you've published your product, you can look at your product with the preview button in the top right corner and if you need to make changes you can click anywhere in the product builder and make the necessary edits.

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