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The product builder will lead you through the steps to create a membership. 

Watch this video, or follow the written instructions below.

  1. Click on "Products" in the left menu bar. 

  2. Click on " + Add Product".

  3. Next, choose your product type, such as "On-demand Library".

  4. Complete the "Product Details" which include a product name, cover photo, thumbnail, a description, how many days the "new" tag displays for newly available content, and you can choose to add a free sample (this will be visible to students who are not logged in and are looking at your "Shop" page.

  5. The "Content" section will allow you to add the media content to the product.

    • Click the "Add Content" button which will open your Media library.

    • Hover over the desired file and click the white box in the top left-hand corner of the media file. You can select as many media files as you wish.

    • Click on SAVE in the bottom right corner when all the media you want to add has been selected.

  6. Click on " Pricing" and select Recurring. This will charge students automatically and create a subscription that auto-renews.

    In the drop-down, you can choose the following:

    Annually - every 365 days
    Biannually - every 6 months
    Quarterly - every 3 months
    Monthly - every 30 days
    Weekly - every 7 days
    Daily - every 24 hours

    Generally, for subscription-based products, you'll want to use either the Annual or Monthly option.

    MULTIPLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: If you'd like to offer your student a few different payment options, click on MULTIPLE and complete the fields. At check-out, your student will be able to select the payment option that best suits them.

    ​ The Day Pass option gives clients or students access to this product's contents and any event linked to it for 24 hours after payment.

    Note: It is not possible to create a coupon for the Single Day Access Pass.

    If you've created a tax rate you can choose from the drop-down box. Learn how to create tax rates here.

  7. Click on the "Product Schedule" tab, this is where you determine the amount of access to your product, choose between "Evergreen" or a "Fixed Start + End Date".

    For Memberships - you'll want to keep it on Evergreen.

    Fixed Start + End Date - are generally used for Courses or Workshops so that clients or students' access can start and end on the same date.

SUMMARY: This page provides you an overview of your product's settings. It is where you:

  • Here you can find the product page and purchase page URLs to share with your existing or potential clients or students or to include on your website.

  • State if you want to publish your page or keep it in draft mode.

  • Select if you want the published product to be hidden (so only those with the URL can access to purchase) or if you want the product to show in your shop.

  • Can limit the number of people who can enroll in your product, close enrollment, or simply leave enrollment as unlimited.

  • Archive a product.

  • Add a custom Terms and Conditions for the product.

Choose Enabled if you want to display your product stats on the product page.

Once you're ready to start selling click on Publish on the right and Show in Shop then Save on the top right corner. . This means that your product is now available for purchase and can be seen on your shop page.

You can edit the product after publishing it.

Need links to direct people to the product or add to your marketing emails? You can use the Product URL and the Purchase URL in the Summary tab as well.

The Product URL takes people to the product's About Page while the Purchase URL takes them to the checkout page.

Hidden Products, Enrollment, and Terms and Conditions

Hidden is when a product is available to purchase to those who have the link. It does not show on your public "Shop" page. It is most often used for private clients.

Click on Add terms and conditions if you'd like to add specific conditions for a product. For example, your cancellation and refund policy. If terms and conditions are present, students will have to check a checkbox, agreeing to your terms and conditions, before they can complete their checkout.

For Enrollment - typically you'll want to keep the selection of Unlimited. This means that there's no limit on the number of people that can purchase this product.

However, if you want to limit the number of purchases, you can put in a number (most of the time this is set for courses or workshops when a teacher wants to limit the number of clients or students who may participate).

Display Stats - like numbers? Enable this option so you can see information for sales and views when you open the product.

Previewing your product

If you've published your product, you can look at your product with the preview button in the top right corner and if you need to make changes you can click anywhere in the product builder and make the necessary edits.


You can schedule live-stream events with your membership. Please see this document to learn about live-streaming.

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