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Calendly Integration for Private Sessions
Calendly Integration for Private Sessions

How to use Calendly and Marvelous together

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Overview of the Calendly Integration

By integrating your Calendly account with Marvelous, you'll be able to create and sell your private session packages and your clients can book their sessions all within the Marvelous platform.




Students will log in to their Marvelous account, go to their "Private Sessions" Product and click on the "Private Sessions" tab. The Calendly calendar will be visible and they can click and book their sessions. They will not need to login to Calendly (or need a Calendly account).

Once they book, the session will appear on the Marvelous calendar of the teacher and the student. Students will receive reminders based on your settings in Calendly.

If they try to book more sessions than they purchased, they will have the option to repurchase another package.


Step 1: Integrate Calendly and Marvelous

1 Login to your Calendly account and click on "Settings" on the bottom left in the main menu. Then go to Integrations > Calendly. Click on Connect Calendly.

Once connected, the page will update.

Step 2: Create Your Event in Calendly

Note: You must have a paid Premium or Pro account with Calendly to use this integration.

2.1 You first need to create a Calendly event that you will use for your private sessions in Marvelous. To create this event in Calendly, click on "+ New Event Type".

2.2 Choose "One on One" event type.

2.3 Name your event. Examples are "Private Coaching Package", or "Private Sessions with [your name]".

2.4 Set the event location to "Custom" and enter "Marvelous" in the blank field then click Next.

2.5 Set the duration, date range, time zone, and availability for your sessions. Please refer to Calendly documentation for more information.

2.6 IMPORTANT: In the "When can people book this event" section, click on "Additional rules for availability" then set the "Secret Event" to "YES" as shown below.

2.7. In the "Invitee Questions" section, feel free to ask for information about the client.

2.8. In the "Invitee Questions" section, disable the feature that allows the student to add move invitees.

2.9. Return to the main Calendly page and click on the event.

Then click on the link icon and switch on the event. You will paste the link in your 1:1 product in Marvelous.

Step 3: Create Your Private Session Product in Marvelous

Next, you will create a product that will be visible on your shop page for your clients to purchase. You can also view the article on creating an Individual Coaching product here.

3.1 Click on the "+ New Product" button in the top left corner.

3.2 Select the "Product Type" as "Individual Coaching".

3.3 Follow the steps through the "Product Builder" tabs and choose the following settings:

Product Details
Enter product details: Product name, upload an image, write your description, etc.

In the pricing tab you can set the price as Free, Fixed, or Recurring. Do not check Day Pass or Trial.

Free : will give the product for free

Fixed : the student will one be charged once. Check Multiple Purchases so students

can manually repurchase any time.
Recurring : the subscription will renew charged based on the chosen interval

There are 3 different pricing strategies under Recurring.

Fixed: the subscription renews but no additional sessions are added.

Add : a fixed number of sessions are added every time the subscription renews.

Top-up : only as many sessions used are added.

Content (Optional)

If you choose, you can add a welcome video or a PDF document about the coaching package in the "Content" tab. Remember that everyone who buys the product will have access to what's in the content tab. Some examples of what to include are a workbook, welcome video, or a PDF guide on how they can prepare for their upcoming sessions with you. Do not put client videos into this product as they will be visible to everyone who has access to this product.

If you want to add client videos, make sure to add it to their private space.

Product Schedule

If you set the price to Fixed - add the number of days they have access to their recordings.

For Recurring Strategies, access will be based on their subscription.


You can skip this section.

Private Sessions

Under "Private Sessions", select "Included" and enter how many sessions are included in this package.

Under "Enable Calendly Integration", select "Enabled" and enter the URL from the event you created in Calendly from step 2.9 above


Set as "Published" when ready to make it visible on your shop page.

IMPORTANT: make sure you have MULTIPLE PURCHASES checked. This allows customers to buy a private session package more than one time.

Step 4: Working with Private Space Products

When the student purchases a coaching package product, a "Private Space" product will automatically be generated using the client's name as the product name.

You'll find each of the client's private space products in your "Products" tab under "My Products". Scroll to the bottom section called "Private Space Products" as shown in the screenshot below.

After you work with a client via live-stream, you will put the live-stream recording or any other content specific to this client in the "Content" tab of their "Private Space Product". What you put in the content tab of this product will only be visible to this client.


When it's time to meet with your client, go to the Marvelous "calendar", find and click on the correct session. A pop-up will appear that gives you choices for live-streaming. Please see this document on the two different live-stream options (and please note, you must have a Zoom account in order to use Zoom).

Once you finish the session, the video of the session will appear in your media library. You can then add it to the client's private space product.


Do I need a paid Calendly account?

You will require a paid account for the API to work.

Do my students need a Calendly account?

Your students will not need a Calendly account.

What if I don't use Calendly?
At this time, the only calendar software we integrate with is Calendly. You can still create private products for your student, however, all scheduling will have to be done outside of Marvelous.

Can I use other scheduling software?

No, at this time, we only have an integration with Calendly.

What if I have multiple coaching packages?

For each coaching package, you will need to create a separate product on Marvelous. For example, if you have a package of 3 private sessions and a package of 5 private sessions, you will require two different products in Marvelous.

If a client purchases a 3-session product and then a 5-session product, you will see two private spaces for that client, one for the 3-session product and one for the 5-session product.

What happens if my student wants to purchase another package of sessions?

Once they have booked their max sessions, the "Repurchase" button will appear. They will continue to have access to the content but will not be able to schedule until they purchase another package. Once they click on "Repurchase" and pay, they can book more sessions on your calendar.

If I change the number of sessions in a Private Space product, what will happen?

If you edit the "Number of Included Sessions", that will now become the number of sessions the client can book. For example, if your client has purchased a package of 3 private sessions, and you change the number of included sessions to 4, that client will be able to book 4 sessions (but has only paid for a package of 3). Be sure to change this in the client's private space product.

How do I delete a session/ reschedule?

If you need to delete or reschedule a session, login to your Calendly account and make the change. Calendly will notify the student of the change. The change will automatically be updated in the Marvelous calendar.

If a student needs to make cancel or reschedule, they can follow the link in the event confirmation email they received or they can contact the teacher.

Can I edit the name of the product?

Yes, you can change the name of the product by opening that product and editing the name on the "Product Details" tab.

What happens if I delete the event from the Marvelous calendar.

You cannot make any scheduling changes from the Marvelous calendar. You must make all changes from your Calendly account and it will then update in the Marvelous calendar.

Why can't I see the client's names on my Marvelous calendar?

If you click on the event from the Marvelous calendar, the name of the client is visible.


Why is the event my client booked not showing up in my Marvelous calendar?

There can be a short delay between the time when a client has booked in Calendly and when it will appear in your Marvelous calendar. Wait a few minutes, refresh and it will appear.

Why does the client not see the REPURCHASE button, once they have booked all their sessions?
You have not checked "Multiple Purchases". Go to the main product (not the private space product) and click on the "Publish" tab, scroll to the bottom and check the "Multiple Purchases" box.

Note: If you update your Calendly email address or password it will cause the integration to stop working.

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