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Tutorial: Creating a ClassCard™
Tutorial: Creating a ClassCard™

Step by step tutorial for creating your own ClassCards™

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In this example, I will walk you through creating a single ClassCard™ for your studio. We expect most studios that use this feature will want to offer more than one package.

For example, you may want to offer a 5 pack, 10 pack, and 20 pack. You can control the pricing and expiration for each of these packs, so you can create an incentive for students to purchase larger packages. Once you see how it works, you'll be able to decide what will work best for your students and your studio.

From the Products screen inside your Teacher Account

1) Navigate to "Products" > "My Products" on the left.

2) Click "+ Add Product".

2) Name your new product and select Prepaid "ClassCard™" and click "Continue." In this case, I'm naming my product "20 Pack Drop-IN."

3) Complete the product details:


(The number of redemptions a student will get upon purchase)

Note: The maximum number of points you can set on a ClassCard is 50


(The number of days until these redemptions expire. The minimum setting is 7 days)

Note: If a student owns more than one ClassCard™, the oldest valid redemptions are utilized first.

4) Upload a cover photo that will be used to showcase this ClassCard™ in your Shop. The recommended dimensions are 1920 x 600.

5) Add a "Product Description" to discuss the types of events students will be able to access and any special policies you have regarding your ClassCards™.

6) Set the price on the product and tax ( if applicable ) on the "Pricing" tab.

Fixed price: The student has to purchase every time they run out of credits.

Recurring price: Students are automatically charged based on the selected interval.

Add: a fixed amount of credit is added.
If the Product has 20 credits and the student only has 5 credits left -

they will receive 20 credits when the subscription renews.

Top-Up: only as many redemptions are added.

If the student only has 5 credits left, they will receive 15 credits when

the subscription renews. This will bring the total number of credits back

to 20.

Pay-What-You-Wish: This allows students to set the amount.

7) In the "One-click Upsell" tab add the product you'd like promote together with the ClassCard.

8) Click "Summary" to go over the product details then click "Save Product".

9) By default, new products are published but hidden. If you want to display this in your shop then set Shop visibility to Show in shop.

If you'd like to add specific terms and conditions for this product click on

When you add your Terms and Conditions, students will have to check a checkbox, agreeing to your terms and conditions, before they can complete their checkout.

Congratulations! 🎉 You just created your first ClassCard™! Before you open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, let's update your events (or add new events) to enable ClassCard™.

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