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Adding Content to Products
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How to add content to multiple products

1. To add content to multiple products navigate to your media library. Then select the specific media you would like to add.

2. Next, click the recording and click the + Add to products button.

3. Once selected, in the pop-up check all the products you would like to add the media.

Note: The products shown in this pop-up are the products created using the On-demand product type. If you're adding content to a course please see our article on Courses here.

4. Finally, hit the Save button.

Adding Multiple Files to a Product

1. Go to Products on the left then select the product where you'd like to add content.

2. Click on Edit Product on the top right.

3. Go to the Content tab and click on Add content.

4. Select the files you'd like to add by clicking on them. Once selected, click Save.

5. Click Save product once you're done making changes.

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