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Online courses are run over a set period of time, and all content is best consumed in a specific order that builds logically. Meaning students can either work at their own pace or you can schedule the content to be drip-fed so that the material is released at a certain time. This structure is ideal for helping students tackle a defined problem or set of problems.

The product builder will lead you through the steps to create a course. Between each step, you can click on "Continue" in the bottom right corner or click through the Product Builder tabs at the top.

Watch our tutorial below, or follow the written steps further down this article.

How to create a Course product

Course products will allow you to schedule lessons and to order your content for your students.

1) Navigate to "My Products" > "Products" on the left and then select "Add Product". You can also click on Add Product on the top left from the Dashboard.

2) Select "Course" from the pop-up window.

3) Fill in the product details such as the Product’s Name, Cover, Thumbnail photos, and description.

4) You can also add free content or contents by selecting "Included" then clicking on "Add Content". The content can be video, audio, or pdf files.

5) Click "Lesson" at the top and select "Add New Lesson". To add more lessons, click
"Add New Lesson" again.

6) Add the lesson or chapter's title on top. The lesson's "Description" is what appears in the shop. The "Lesson text" is only visible to those that have purchased the course. You can also add videos, pdf files, pictures, and audio files by clicking on Add content.

If you'd like to add a quiz to your lesson checkout the article here. Please note that quizzes are only available on Pro plans and higher.

7) Go to the Pricing tab and select Fixed Price then type in the price. The Day Pass option does not need to be selected in this case since this is a course.

You can also add a payment plan ( for Stripe users only ) as well as pay-what-you-wish option.

8) Go to "Product Schedule" and select "Fixed Start and End Date". By selecting this option, you can sell the product now but students will not have access to its contents until the Start date. They will lose access to the product’s contents on the End Date that you’ve set.

Note: Do not set the Start and End date on the same day. Students will not have access to events or content when you do this.

If the Start date is set to a future date - students will not be able to register to an event linked to the course. If you wish for students to register ahead of time you'll need to set the Start date to the current date.


To set up a drip schedule, select the Calendar on the right of the Lesson.

Then select one of the 4 options.

  • With Product Purchase - this makes the Lesson and its contents available right away. However, the Start Date takes priority. If a student purchases the product on December 2nd but the Start Date is set to December 18, they won’t be able to access the product until the 18th.

  • After Previous Lesson is Complete - This is best used if you want students to take the lessons in order (note, this is not an option on the first lesson).

  • After Specified Number of Days - set the number of days each lesson is released after the purchase date (note, this is not the number of days between lessons but the number of days after purchase). For example, if you'd like the students to access a new lesson each day, you would typically set the first lesson as "With product purchase" and the second lesson as "1 Day" and the third lesson as "2 Days" and the fourth lessons as "3 Days" and so on.

  • After a Specified Date - set the date the lesson will be available to the student.

9) Save any changes you’ve made by clicking on "Save Product" on the top right. In the Publish Tab, you can now make the product visible as well as Published.

Once it is "Published", it is available for purchase. If you set the product to "Hidden", you need to give the Product URL to your students so they can purchase the product.

Add special terms and conditions in the Terms and conditions section.
Students will have to check a checkbox, agreeing to your terms and conditions, before they can complete their checkout.

You can limit the number of enrollees by entering a number in the "Enrollment" section. In the screenshot below after 30 purchases, students are no longer able to buy this product.

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