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Zapier Integration Overview
Zapier Integration Overview
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Marvelous customers with a Solo plan or higher can now use our Zapier integration to automate important tasks and connect with other platforms that also support Zapier.

Click here to see a list of features and plans.

Triggers and Actions

Zapier automations are started by a "Trigger" on one platform and can take "Actions" on other platforms. Here is a list of supported Triggers and Actions on Marvelous.



Trigger fires when...

Product Subscription Cancelled

a student clicks cancel on one of their subscriptions

Product Subscription Terminated

a student's subscription ends and they lose access

Product Purchase

a student purchases any product

Student Signup

a student joins a studio for the first time

Student Updated

a student's account information is updated



This action...

Add Product to Student

creates a new student if they do not already exist in the studio and grants them access to a product until the specified date

Add Student

creates a new student if the student does not already exist in the studio. A welcome email will be sent to the student to set their password

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