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Zapier Integration Overview
Zapier Integration Overview
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Marvelous customers with a Pro plan or higher can now use our Zapier integration to automate important tasks and connect with other platforms that also support Zapier.

Triggers and Actions

Zapier automations are started by a "Trigger" on one platform and can take "Actions" on other platforms. Here is a list of supported Triggers and Actions on Marvelous.



Trigger fires when...

Product Subscription Cancelled

a student clicks cancel on one of their subscriptions

Product Subscription Terminated

a student's subscription ends and they lose access

Product Purchase

a student purchases any product

Student Signup

a student joins a studio for the first time

Student Updated

a student's account information is updated



This action...

Add Product to Student

creates a new student if they do not already exist in the studio and grants them access to a product until the specified date

Add Student

creates a new student if the student does not already exist in the studio. A welcome email will be sent to the student to set their password

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