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Marvelous Messaging Overview
Marvelous Messaging Overview

A brief overview of how to send Direct Messages and create Chat Rooms on Marvelous Messaging

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Marvelous Messaging is the best way to build more meaningful connections with your students.

On Marvelous Messaging you can:

  • Send direct messages

  • Create chat rooms

  • Share gifs and emojis

  • Send voice messages

  • Share links with beautiful previews

All in real-time—meaning important messages, aren’t lost in feeds or emails.

Navigating to your messenger

There are multiple ways to start a new conversation:

  1. By clicking on a profile picture within a Community Group feed and selecting “Send Message”.

  2. By visiting a student's profile page, and clicking the “Send Message” button.

  3. By clicking the speech bubble icon in the top right corner (next to your name and profile picture). This takes you to all of your messages.

  4. When in an individual customer record, you can click the "Send Message" button to the right of their email address.

Once you’re on the main messages page, you can create a new direct message or chat room by clicking the “+” symbol. This displays a pop-up where you can choose to “Send a direct message” or “Create a new chat room”.

Direct Messages

When you click “Send a direct message” a pop-up appears and you search for the individual you want to send a message to using the drop-down menu. Then click “Send”.

Chat rooms

When creating a new chat room, you add members from the drop-down, and then you can create a chat room name and upload a chat room photo if you want to. Once you click “Create” you can send your first message to your chat room and all members will be notified.

Marvelous Messaging not only helps you to strengthen your teacher-student relationship but also provides a safe space for your students to connect with each other.

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