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How To Embed Videos from Vimeo
How To Embed Videos from Vimeo
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Before embedding videos from Vimeo we need to set up Vimeo's privacy settings so that Vimeo will allow videos to be played in Marvelous.

Updating Existing Video Settings
Embedding Videos to Marvelous

You can also embed from the following sites:

Updating Existing Video Settings

1. To update the privacy settings of your current videos in Vimeo click on Manage Videos at the top then My Videos.

2. Click on the box next to videos selected at the top to select all of videos in your Vimeo account or click on the box next to the videos you want to embed. Then click on Privacy to bring up the Privacy settings page.

3. Update the following settings then click on Save.

  • Who can watch these videos? Hide from vimeo

  • Where can these videos be embedded? Anywhere

Note: If you want to automatically apply this setting to any video you upload to Vimeo, click on your profile picture on top then go to Settings.

Go to Videos then Upload Settings and update the Privacy.

You can also click on Also apply to all existing videos and this will apply the settings to all of your Vimeo videos.

Embedding Videos To Marvelous

  1. Go to "Media Library" then "Library" on the left.

2. Select "Add Files" on the top right.

3. In the box that opens up, paste the LINK (not the embed code) from Vimeo or YouTube.

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