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Importing ClassCards
Importing ClassCards
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Note: Before importing students make sure that you've already created your ClassCard product. This article will guide you on how to create a ClassCard product.

1. Create a CSV file with the following columns: email, firstname, lastname, classcardproductid, redemptions, expirationdate.

2. To find the ClassCard product ID, click on Products on the left then open your ClassCard product.

3. You'll find the Product ID at the top, in this case it's 45000

4. Add the number of redemptions or points that the student should have.

5. Fill in the expiration date of the points. Make sure that expiration date follow this format YYYY-MM-DD or 2022-12-24

6. Go to Settings on the bottom left corner then click on Data Import.

7. Select Import ClassCards and then Upload.

8. Select the file from your computer. Once uploaded it will show in the Import History area. Refresh and status will change from New to Success once its doe.

If an import fails clicking on the red i will show you the reason. In this case there was a missing header or column.

7. You can verify that the import is correct by clicking on Customers on the left and then opening up the student account.

8. You'll then see the product that they've been aded to, the number of redemptions and the expiry date.

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