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Creating/Updating a Subscriber in Flodesk when they purchase a product in Marvelous
Creating/Updating a Subscriber in Flodesk when they purchase a product in Marvelous
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NOTE: This article is now outdated. Please consider using our native Flodesk integration. Click here to learn more.

This article explains how to create/update a subscriber in your Flodesk segments with new customers who purchase a product from your Marvelous site.


  • Marvelous Solo Plan or higher. Click here to see a list of features and plans.

  • Free account from Zapier.

  • Existing connection between Flodesk and Zapier. Please read Zapier ⚡ Flodesk Integration if you need help with this.

  • Create a Segment created in Flodesk. To create a Segment in Flodesk, go to Audience > Segments and then click on + New segment

Create a Zap between Marvelous and Flodesk

1. Log into your Zapier account and click "Create Zap" on the left.

2. Search for Marvelous in the search bar and click on the Marvelous icon when it appears.

3. Choose an event from the Trigger Event drop-down menu. In the example below, we selected "Product Purchase". You should select the Trigger Event that is appropriate for you. Next, click “Continue".

4. If you already have your Marvelous account connected, click on the search bar and choose your account. If not click on "+ Connect a new account".

If you selected "+ Connect a new account" please read our article on how to connect your Marvelous account with Zapier, this will help you find your Marvelous API key.

5. After clicking on “Yes, Continue", click "Test trigger”. When the trigger displays as successful, click “Continue".

6. In Flodesk click on Audience on top then Segment and then View on the segment where you would like to add the students who purchased a particular product.

7. In the URL, copy the Segment ID. These are the numbers that come after the word segment in the URL.

For example, the URL in the below image is

The Segment ID is 613a4d70663152d761a679f6 – This is the only bit you need to copy.

8. Paste the Segment ID in the Product code field and click Save product.

9. Go back to Zapier and in the Action step, search for Flodesk in the "App Event" search bar and click on the Flodesk icon.

12. In the Action Event drop-down menu, choose "Create/Update Subscriber". Then click "Continue".

13. In the Choose app & event section, click on "Sign in to Flodesk" if you're asked to sign in and click on “Continue".

14. When you're in the Set up action section, click on the Custom tab. And select 1.Custom Field 1. This should follow with your Flodesk Segment ID.

15. Next, choose the desired data to be added to the corresponding segment(s) and click “Continue".

16. Click "Test & Continue” to check if your Zap works.

18. When the Zap states the test was successful, you can turn on your Zap by clicking "Turn on Zap". This is an important step - don't forget to turn on your Zap!

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