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An overview of how to navigate Marvelous Mail to send emails to your customers.

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You can send emails from your Marvelous site to your students through the Marketing tab in your account.
​Note: The email feature is only for outgoing mail. Any replies to your email sent from Marvelous will be directed to your personal email account.

This article provides an overview on how to Navigate the Marvelous Mail email dashboard, plus links to detailed help documentation on how to integrate an SMTP, how students opt-in to receive emails from you, and a step-by-step guide on how to send an email.

Navigating the Email Dashboard

To find your email dashboard, click "Marketing" in the left-hand navigation bar, and click "Emails" from the drop down menu.

On the dashboard you will notice three tabs; Draft, Scheduled, and Sent.

  • The Drafts tab will show all emails that you've created but haven't sent.

  • The Scheduled tab will show you any emails that are scheduled to be released.

  • The Sent tab will show you all the emails that you've sent.

Top open any of your emails, click the email subject.

If you're email is a draft or scheduled, you will be able to edit and modify the release date.

If you are looking at a sent email, clicking on the subject line will show additional information about that specific email.

To delete or duplicate any email, click the 3 vertical dots to the right-hand side of the email row.

Note: If you duplicate a scheduled email, this will also duplicate the release date.

Email Analytics for Your Sent Emails

When you are looking at your sent emails, you will see the number of Recipients, Open and Click rate as well as the number of unsubscribes, plus the date the email was sent.

When analyzing your data, you can filter the results by clicking the check boxes next to "Opened", "Clicked", or "Unsubscribed" at the top.

If you hover over any of the details under each column, the date of when the action took place will display.

You can also preview the email that you sent out by clicking on preview on the top right.

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