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The Import function can be used to embed videos that have been uploaded to your Vimeo or Youtube account.

You can embed Media from the following sites:



To embed a video from YouTube, the video settings must be set to "unlisted".

A few other points about using YouTube videos:

  • Any YouTube video can be shared (whether it's unlisted or not), including those embedded onto Marvelous. We recommend that you embed your YouTube videos that you already made freely available on YouTube. But if you do not want your videos to be shareable, then upload directly to Marvelous.

  • You will have the YouTube logo on your video thumbnails + YouTube will make suggestions of "more videos".

You'll need to update your video settings in Vimeo prior to importing them. If you don't the import will succeed but the videos will not viewable. Checkout our article on updating video settings here.

1. Create a .csv file with Title and URL as headers.

2. Add the video's title and URL.

3. Click on Settings at the bottom of your Marvelous page then Data Import.

4. Choose Import Media.

5. Click on Upload and select the .csv file from your device.

6. You will now see your file being uploaded.

If the video fails to upload, clicking on "failed" will bring up the error:

7. Once the upload is successful, you'll find the embedded videos in your Media Library.

8. Click on the video then Edit on the top right to change the title, add a description, etc.

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