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Creating a Marvelous Meeting
Creating a Marvelous Meeting
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This article will show you how to create a Meeting from the Marketing tab. This will allow you to create a free meeting with a potential or future client.

1. Click on Marketing on the left then Meetings. On the top right New Meeting type.

2. Type in the name of the meeting, the duration and click on Confirm.


The Settings tab will let you add the following:

  • Meeting URL: customize the slug that appears at the end of the meeting URL

  • Description: add a short description of the upcoming meeting or 1:1

  • Booking Confirmation: add a message for attendees such as:

    • What to expect

    • What to bring

    • Links to any of your products with free / sample content if you wish to provide your prospects with additional information before the meeting.

  • Booking Content: this can be a Video, a PDF, or an Audio from your Media Library that your prospect will be able to watch after a successful booking

  • Reminders: set the frequency of email notifications to be sent out. You can set up to 5 reminders. For example, a reminder will be sent an hour, 30 mins, and then 5 mins before the scheduled 1:1.

  • Rescheduling and canceling: these two options allow clients to cancel or reschedule meetings on their own

  • Maximum booking days in advance: restricts how far in advance meetings can be booked. For example, putting in 14 means a client can book 14 days into the future or less but not more than 14 days.


In the Availability tab, you must specify the instructor(s), a Zoom Connection, and connect to a Google Calendar. You can also add additional Google Calendars.
​Note: If additional calendars are added all calendars will be checked for availability - all selected calendars must have a free slot available. When booked, the event will only be created on the primary Google Calendar. Additional calendar owners will be added to the Google event as attendees.

All these settings are mandatory. Your connected calendar will be checked for already taken time slots, plus after booking, an event will be created on your calendar with a scheduled Zoom link.

In the Availability section, you can also select the instructor's timezone, and enable one or more active days by clicking the toggle on the left of each day.
To the right of each day, you can set your availability times, and by clicking on the "+" symbol you can create several time slots within one day. Click on the clock icon to set the time or enter it manually.

"Meeting Buffers" allows you to take a break before or after already booked events on your calendar. For example, if you set the "meeting buffer after meetings" to 30min, no time slot will be made available to book earlier than 30min after any event on your calendar.

"Minimum Booking Notice" refers how soon a student can book a meeting. For example, if set to 4, a student cannot book a meeting between now and 4 hours from now.

Lastly, "Maximum meetings per day" will let you set the number of meetings of this type you can have each day.


The Form tab lets you create a form for students to fill up. Click on "Add new question" at the bottom then type in your question. Toggle "Required" to make it mandatory.
*Each booking form requires your prospects to enter their full name and email as mandatory fields.


Finally, in the Summary tab, you can share the link to your socials by clicking on Share on the right. Switch on "Use custom domain URL", if you are using a custom domain. Make sure to switch the toggle to "Published" so that the link becomes active and students can book.

Once a student has booked they will see the confirmation page:

They will also receive an email that looks like the one below. The first link will let them cancel or rebook.

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