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When you create a product, you have 6 different product types to choose from: On-demand Library, Course, Bundle, Individual Coaching, ClassCard™, and In-Person Only.

On-demand library

  • Choose this product type when you want your students to access all your content (videos, audios, pdf documents) as soon as the product is purchased.

  • The content can be filtered by categories and tags which are set in the Category tab on the left.

  • Content can also be organized using Playlists.

  • You can add an event to this product type such as an in-person event (local event) or a live-streaming session.

  • Use this product type for memberships together with the Recurring Price setting in the Pricing tab.

  • You can also use this product type together with the Fixed Price option if you'd like to limit access for a specific number of days or on a specific period.


  • Use this to combine 2 or more products together. For example, if you want to bundle a membership and as a freebie a course on keto diet.

  • This is usually priced less than the total of the products in the bundle to provide a better value for students.

Course Product

  • Select this product type when you want to schedule lessons and control the order of the content.

  • The content is organized into Lessons.

  • You can schedule a lesson to become available to a student based on when they purchase, after a specific date or after they complete the previous lesson.

  • You can also add an event to this product type such as an in-person event (local event) or a live-streaming session.

Individual Coaching

  • This is the product you use to offer 1:1 sessions

  • When a client purchases this product type it creates a private space where you can put their recordings and they will be the only person to see it.

  • Calendly or Acuity isn't required to use this product, but students will not be able to schedule their sessions - you'll need to do it for them in your calendar.

Prepaid ClassCard™

  • Use this product type when you want to offer drop-ins for your events. You can use a ClassCard™ to offer your students prepaid packages of your live classes.

  • Start with our ClassCard™ Overview to learn more.

Event Only Product (currently called In-person)

  • Use this product type when you want to have events and no pre-recorded videos. Examples include retreats or local in-person classes (for example, yoga in the park) or if you have a product that only includes live streams.

  • IMPORTANT: You are NOT able to put recorded content into this product type. If you want to add your recorded content, create a "media library" or "course" product.

Note: You can have several products that use the same product type. For example, you can have 3 different ClassCard products. One classcard could offer only 1 point that can be used n any event within 7 days, another has points within 15 days and the last one has 10 points within 30 days.

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