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Marvelous Scheduling is our built-in program for private sessions. This allows you to book 1:1 sessions without the need to integrate Acuity or Calendly.

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Creating a 1:1 Coaching Product

To create a 1:1 Coaching product go to Products > + Add Product > Individual Coaching

Adding Shared Content

Enter your product details under the Product details tab. Next, under Content click Add Content. Add your desired content and click Save.

Note: Only add common files to the Individual Coaching Product as this will be accessed by all clients who purchase this product.

If you'd like to add private recordings or other individualized content that is only accessible to a specific client, be sure to add it to their Private Space.


In the Pricing tab, you can set the price as Free, Fixed price, or Recurring. Be sure to NOT check Day Pass or Trial.

Free : will give away the product for free

Fixed : the student will be charged once. Check Multiple Purchases if you want

students to be able to repurchase this product multiple times.
Recurring : the subscription will renew automatically based on the chosen interval

There are 3 different pricing strategies under Recurring.

Fixed: the subscription renews but no additional sessions are added.

Add : a fixed number of sessions are added every time the subscription renews.

Top-up : only as many sessions used are added.

Product Schedule

If you set the price to Fixed, be sure to add the number of days the student will have access to their recordings.

For Recurring products, access will be based on the student's subscription.

Adding Private Sessions to an Individual Coaching Product

Under the Private Sessions tab toggle to "Included". Next, add the number of included sessions.

Enabling Marvelous Scheduling for Private Sessions

If you'd like to use Marvelous Scheduling for Private Sessions set Enable Marvelous Scheduling to Enabled.

You can set the following options after enabling Marvelous Scheduling.

Session duration: the length of each session with a client

Google Calendar: booked sessions will sync with your Google Calendar

(if integrated).

  • Crosschecks with Google Calendar and removes any taken timeslots for booking according to the above rules. Buffer times also affect available time slots. For example, if a teacher needs a 30-minute buffer time after a meeting, a time slot that would normally begin 15 minutes after the meeting will NOT show.

  • Add the event to Google calendar, and Google will then automatically send an event email to the student.

  • Deleted private sessions in Marvelous will also be deleted from the Google Calendar.

Time buffer before and after sessions: gap between sessions during which clients

cannot schedule a session.

Timezone: the time shown on notifications sent out by Marvelous will be set to the

selected timezone.

Enable active days by clicking the toggle on the left of each day. On the right, you can set your availability for private sessions by clicking on the "+" symbol. Click on the clock icon to set the time.

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