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Community Groups Overview
Community Groups Overview
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Community Groups are private discussion forums that can be added to your Marvelous site. Student access to community groups is determined by which products your students own and how the groups are configured. For example, you could create a general Community Group that can be accessed by anyone who owns one of your courses or memberships and a private Community Group just for participants of a particular course.

These groups give you an opportunity to further build your online community and foster more engagement within your community. Our hope is that this increased level of engagement with your students will increase their retention with your studio.

Instructors and students can start conversations and post comments in the Community Groups they can access. Admins can create group rules, pin posts, hide or delete comments as necessary.

Your plan will determine the number of groups that can be created within your Marvelous site.
Please contact support if you need help configuring your Community Group or if you would like to upgrade to a higher plan. Click here to view all features and plans.

Plan Name

# of Included Community Groups


10 Groups

Pro (formerly Studio)

5 Groups

Solo (formerly Teacher)

2 Group



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Watch the below tutorial to see Community groups in action.

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