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Uploading Content to Marvelous
Uploading Content to Marvelous
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This article explains how to add media files to your Marvelous studio. You can either upload directly from your computer or embed from other selected sites.

Uploading from your computer

1. Click on Library on the left then Add file on the top right.

2. Click on Upload and select the content you'd like to add to Marvelous. These files can be the following:

  • Video - .Mp4

  • Audio - .Mp3

  • Pdf - .pdf

  • Text - .txt

  • Jpeg - .jpeg or .jpg

Note: We use Vimeo for hosting videos in your media library. Vimeo playback is supported only for iOS 14 and above and OS 10.15 and above. Please see Vimeo's system requirements here. Make sure you have completed any video editing, such as adding subtitles and trimming the videos.

3. Video and audio files will start to process.

4. You can add details while audio and video files are being processed then save it and navigate to other pages after.

If you want to trim the video click on "Open video trimming tool". Set the Start and End time by dragging the sliders then click on Trim Video.

Note: If you added a thumbnail prior to trimming and saved it - trimming will remove the initial frame that contains the thumbnail if the start time is moved.

You can also play the video to the selected start position and clicking on ".Set start of trim at current video position". The trim tool will take current video position for the start of the trim. Same for the end position.

Confirm the change by clicking on Trim Video in the pop up.

NOTE: Once the video is trimmed, the video will be shortened and you will lose the trimmed parts. We can't undo this action and if you'd like to start over you will need to re-upload the file.

Embedding from other sites

Marvelous supports embedding videos and content from the following sites:


  1. Go to the Library on the right then click on Add file.

  2. Go to the Embed tab and paste the URL then select Embed.

  3. Once uploaded, fill in the necessary details and click Save. Once saved you can then add it to your products.

If you uploaded the wrong file by mistake, you can click on the video again and then click on Replace Content on the top right. This will allow you replace the wrong file with the correct one while retaining the previous content's description and tags without having to start over.

Adding Text or HTML

You can also add text or HTML by clicking on Text/HTML on top. This will let you copy/paste text and images from external sites.

Toggle Raw HTML to on if your recipe has javascript, iframes, etc.

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For any questions reach out to us in our live chat or send us an email at 🙂

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