This article covers importing existing data into your Marvelous studio. This makes it easy to transfer students and their purchases, subscriptions, and ClassCards from one platform over into your Marvelous account.

All imports require you to prepare a CSV file with a specific format. These formats are explained in each individual section.

We currently support the following imports:

  • Student Data

    • Students are added directly to your studio. If they don't have an account in Marvelous yet, they will be sent an email to complete their registration.

  • Purchase Data

    • Existing student purchases from one platform are added over to a fixed-priced product such as a course in your Marvelous studio. There's also an option to set an expiration date for their access.

  • Subscription Data

    • If a student has a subscription already, this allows you to transfer their Stripe or Paypal subscription information to your Marvelous studio.

  • ClassCard Redemptions

    • This transfers class pass information over to your Marvelous ClassCard product.

Note: For Purchase, Subscription, and ClassCard Redemptions - it is important that you've created your product already.

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