While Marvelous does not email your students (besides sending password resets, email reminders upon request, and registration for events), you can set up an email integration with either Mailchimp or Convert Kit.

Here's how it works:

Once you create either a Mailchimp or Convert Kit account and enter the keys into Marvelous, the two apps are able to communicate. Every time someone creates an account on your Marvelous site, his/her email will be entered into an audience (in the case of Mailchimp) or a receive a tag (in the case of Convert Kit). You can now easily and quickly communicate with your Marvelous clients.

You can either send an email when they create an account and/or send an email when they purchase a product. The details on how to use this feature are further explained in these articles.


How to Integrate with Mailchimp
Using Mailchimp and Marvelous Together

Convert Kit

How to Integrate with Convert Kit

Using Another Email Service Provider?

If you're already working with another email service provider, you can access your clients' email addresses by exporting them from Marvelous and uploading them into your email service provider. It's a few more steps but the end result is the same.

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