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Contacting Your Students by Email
Contacting Your Students by Email
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This article explains how to contact your students via email using:

Marvelous Mail

While Marvelous is not an email marketing automation system, you can email your customers directly from the Marvelous platform.

You can customize your email with a few simple clicks to make it stand out and get noticed. Personalize the subject line for maximum impact, then add some flare with different font styles, colors, and bold accents. Ensure that your content is easy on the eyes by using bullet points or numbers – plus links & images will really draw interest! Send now or schedule it to send at a future date.

Marvelous Mail is easy to set up; you only need to integrate with an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) like Mailgun, G-Suite, Sendgrid, or Postmark.

Read more about Marvelous Mail here.

Marvelous also sends out the following automated emails:

  • password resets

  • purchase confirmation emails

  • event management emails, i.e., registration confirmation (to the student and the studio owner), reminders that an event is about to start, and if an event is canceled or removed from the calendar.

  • Waitlist emails.

  • Welcome email to new customers.

  • Gift purchase emails.

  • Community Groups daily digest and mention notifications.

The above-automated emails are not customizable.

Integrating with a Mailchimp or ConvertKit

Marvelous integrates with both Mailchimp or ConvertKit. This is the perfect approach for emailing your students when you have a large list.

How to set up your Marvelous to Mailchimp/ ConvertKit integration

Once you create either a Mailchimp or Convert Kit account and enter the keys into Marvelous, the two apps can communicate. Every time someone creates an account on your Marvelous site, his/her email will be entered into an audience (in the case of Mailchimp) or receive a tag (in the case of Convert Kit). You can now easily and quickly communicate with your Marvelous clients.

You can either send an email when they create an account and/or send an email when they purchase a product. The details on how to use this feature are further explained in these articles.



Using Another Email Service Provider?

If you're already working with another email service provider, you have two other options:

  • use our Zapier integration to connect with your chosen email marketing automation platform, such as Flodesk.

  • access your clients' email addresses by exporting them from Marvelous and uploading them to your email service provider. It's a few more steps, but the end result is the same.

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