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Marvelous Meetings allows teachers to share meeting links directly with prospects to book a free Zoom session with them. This is a wonderful way to introduce students to your studio as well as your different products.
This article will show you how to navigate the Meetings page. To create a Meeting click here.

Note: Make sure that Google Calendar and Zoom are integrated with your studio.

Click on Marketing on the left then Meetings. The Meeting Types page will show all the Meeting types that have been created.

Clicking on a Meeting will take you to its edit page. If you want to duplicate or delete a Meeting click on the 3 dots on the top right.

The Upcoming tab will show all upcoming meetings. By clicking on Details you can start, reschedule, or cancel a meeting with a client. You can also copy the meeting link if a client wants to cancel or reschedule a meeting on their end. You'll also see the answers to your form.

If you or a student cancel or reschedule a meeting it will also update in your Google Calendar.

The Past tab will show any previous meetings there is no limit to the number of past meetings shown in this tab.

Lastly, any canceled meetings will come up in the Canceled tab.

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