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Customer Tab Overview
Customer Tab Overview
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The Customer tab shows you information of all your students in the studio. It can be found on the left side below the Marketing tab.

Navigating the Customer Tab

On the top right you can export a .csv file that will contain all of your students and their information. You can also send an invitation email as well as add a new customer.

The second section shows you a quick overview such as the total number of students, active, inactive students, and average revenue per student.

You can search by student in the search bar as well filter by status, product, or both.

Name and Email

Column 1 and 2 show the student name and their email address.

Status column

The status column shows if a student is Active or Inactive. Active students are students that have access to an active product or have redemption points from ClassCards or both.

Inactive students are students that are not part of any active product or may have expired redemption points, or both. Students who only join your studio but do not buy anything or did not register to any free product are classified as inactive.

Lifetime value

The total of how much they've spent on your studio in the 4th column.

Most recent purchase

This shows the date of their latest purchase.

Signed Waiver

This indicates if they've agreed to your waiver. Check out our article here on setting up your own waiver.


The last column indicates if a note has been added to a student's account. You can click on the note icon to show all the notes in their account.

Student Information

Clicking on a student's name will open the student's account.

From the top right you can send students a login link to your studio, remove them from your studio, and edit customer information.

Clicking on their profile let's you send them direct messages.

You'll see the students contact information like email address. If you'd like students to enter their phone number and address at checkout you can switch it on in the Checkout Preferences.

The next section is a quick overview of the student's account.

Events Tab

The Events tab shows what events the students have registered to, attended. You can:

  • see the time and date of their registration and attendance

  • search using the name of the event

  • export a report of the events the student has joined.

Lastly, if you've accidentally marked a student as having attended an event, you can click on the 3 vertical dots on the right to remove attendance.

Products Tab

The Products tab will show all of the products that the student has purchased or been added to. From here you can add a student to a product to give them access for free or remove them.

You can also remove access to a product by clicking on the 3 dots on the right next to a product and clicking on Cancel order.


The ClassCard section shows the number of credits a student has. You can also add or remove credits from here.


The Notes tab shows all the notes in the students account. From here you can add, remove, and edit notes.


Emails will show what emails have been sent to the student. These are emails that were sent from the marketing page of your account.

You can search for a specific email you've sent by typing in the email's title into the search bar. To the right is a filter where you can select Opened or Clicked.

Clicking on an email will take you to that email's report.


The Groups tab displays the groups the student belongs to. From here you can remove (ban) a student by clicking on the trashcan icon on the right.

You can restore access by clicking on the circular arrows.


Favorites will show you the content that a student has liked.


Lastly, the Waivers tab show you when a student has agreed to your custom waiver. If you need a copy you can click on the download button on the right to download a pdf file.

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